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  [[Wave 1|Wave 1]]

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Dark Pit

Zeldamaster2 is a player character in Attack on Lololo 4. He is a level 5 Transient Lancer , a Title he earned after The Resistance defeated Wave 5.


Zeldamaster2 showed up to the Second Lololo War mere moments before it ended. After that, he joined in the games in Castle Lololo, most often participating in the Roll To Dodge tournaments, but did not place. He still played decently in his matches, however. Outside of that, little is known about him.

Actions Within GameEdit

At first, Zeldamaster2 played a very safe game of constantly taunting opponents and being ready to defend other members of the resistence, occasionally trying to recruit or beliitle enemies, such as Starly, and made small use of the spear that had originally belonged to Bandana Dee. After the first few waves, he started to focus on damaging opponents, and started working on using priority actions.

Notable Points of GameEdit

Wave 1 Recruiting Starly




  • Zeldamaster2 is one of the few members of the Resistance to be in three of the Lololo Wars.
  • Zeldamaster2 was the second user to post an action at the start of the game.
  • Zeldamaster stands at 5'11, with semi-long blonde hair, and eyes that alternate between red and blue. He typically wears jeans and a grey shirt. His left wrist has a dragon fang mark, and his right has aura lines. There is also a spear strap on his back, to hold his spear if necessary, along with a very small pack with rations and water.