Wave 5 was the fifth wave of enemies that the Resistance faced. The wave began on June 7th, 2013 and ended on July 21st, 2013, lasting 7 turns.

The setting for this wave was a room covered in electrical panels. The enemies were initially comprised of White Bomberman and four Pokémon, with the later addition of Knuckles the Echidna and the Lieutenant Igneus Ambito.

This round had little focus on story or character development, though it did kick off the search for Time Gears that led to the events of Wave EX-2.

Before Wave 5 SummaryEdit

After preparations, the resistance began to move even deeper into the castle. Each long corridor, however, only lead into longer ones, and even these were well protected. At every turn, spikes appeared, or an arrow flew out from the walls. Had the defensive juggernauts Aeront and Super-Flint not shielded the resistance by defending against the attacks, at least one person might have taken a lethal wound.

Eventually, the resistance reached a chamber decorated... strangely. Select tiles on the ground were painted with a red outline and yellow and black stripes. The stone walls were lined with chain-link fences, and there seemed to be two... projectors, perhaps? on the ceiling. Near one of the members was what looked like a fusebox, mounted on the wall. On the other side of the chamber, much to everyone's interest, was a staircase, leading upward.

Steel barred gates suddenly dropped, one in front of the stairs, one behind the resistance. Enemies suddenly dropped down from seemingly nowhere, ready to sweep up the resistance right here.

At this point, though, the resistance was fully ready to face a fierce onslaught.

Heaven or hell!



Win ConditionsEdit

To WinEdit

Incapacitate or recruit Igneus Ambito Cleared
Cannot take more than 6 casualties Cleared
Morale cannot drop below 0 Cleared

To AceEdit

Defeat the enemy at their own game Cleared

Reward for beating the waveEdit