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First Appearance

Wave EX-1

"You're nothing. Now get out of my way."

-Meta-Mind, upon activating this Skill for the first time.

Ultimatum is a limit-breaking Skill unique to Meta-Mind.


Ultimatum enables the user to completely ignore his normal limits in battle, releasing an extremely powerful barrage of attacks that can break even the strongest opponents. The Skill's exact limits are unknown, but it has been demonstrated to deal upwards of 1000 damage in a single turn, negating any attempts at evasion or counterattack. However, Ultimatum is only capable of activating under a specific set of conditions, the exact specifications of which are unknown.

How to LearnEdit

This Skill's only user, Meta-Mind, learned Ultimatum after releasing every Skill he could in a last-ditch effort to overcome Dark Meta-Mind. It can be presumed that similar circumstances would enable other users to learn the Skill as well, though it seems that merely combining all the user's Skills is insufficient.


While Ultimatum has no known variations, Meta-Mind has been able to alter its properties by combining it with other Skills he possesses. In addition, combining Skills such as Critical Strike with other weapon skills has allowed other users such as Nicholas1024 to emulate Ultimatum's effects in battle.


  • Though this Skill is currently unique, it has been confirmed that it could potentially be obtained by any user.
  • In terms of raw damage output, Ultimatum is the strongest single Skill to be possessed by any Resistance member.


Ultimatum Ready is the status which enables Meta-Mind's use of Ultimatum. The specifics of his achieving this status are unknown.