Title is a short phrase describing a Player and his or her individual style.  It is earned when a player reaches Level 4 and awards that player a unique bonus that serves to make them more effective at their playstyle.  Titles were first earned by Meta-Mind and Super-Flint immediately following Wave 5.

List of current TitlesEdit

All-Knowing AmbassadorEdit

The Title All-Knowing Ambassador grants 9Kirby99 large bonuses to all diplomatic Skills, as well as enabling him to learn any Skills at an accelerated rate.

Amicable MascotEdit

As an Amicable Mascot, Taiwanman0610 gains large bonuses to using morale-raising and diplomatic Skills.

Bold RangerEdit

Zelos Wilder is a Bold Ranger, granting him the ability to learn all Skills at a slightly accelerated rate, with the added benefit that failed non-Blunder actions remove less Morale.

Driving SoulEdit

The Title Driving Soul grants The Kirbinator large bonuses to both offensive Magic and Morale-raising Skills.

Enterprising AlchemistEdit

As an Enterprising Alchemist, st0pnsw0p gains large bonuses to the use of Alchemy.  Any negative effects from held Items are also significantly neutralized.

Extrospective BodyguardEdit

As Super-Flint is an Extrospective Bodyguard, he gains an increase to Maximum HP, as well as a large bonus to counterattack Skills.

Freed ArcherEdit

Yami no Kaabii's Freed Archer Title grants her increased accuracy and damage on all physical ranged attacks, as well as a greatly decreased chance of gaining injury-related Statuses.

Guardian PaladinEdit

As Aeront is a Guardian Paladin, he gains an increase to Maximum HP, as well as a passive reduction to damage taken from all attacks.

Knowledgeable WizardEdit

As the Knowledgeable Wizard, KirbyandHobbes is gifted with a bonus to all spells as well as the ability to learn magic-related skills at an increased rate.

Luminescent StormEdit

As a Luminescent Storm, RavThunderbird gains bonuses to magic Skills and Electric-affinity Skills.

Nurturing HealerEdit

Impromptu's Title, Nurturing Healer, grants her a high bonus to healing skills and greater increases to Morale when supporting allies.

Raging BruteEdit

War P. Anda is the Raging Brute, a Title that grants him general damage-increasing bonuses to all attacks, and a special bonus that gives all actions directed at enemies a chance to inflict the Intimidated Status.

Rising CompetitorEdit

With the Title of Rising Competitor, Luigiguy78 possesses a bonus to all actions when his HP is low, as well as an increased chance to gain Criticals.

Shrewd ElectricianEdit

The Title Shrewd Electrician grants Aquinas a large bonus to Electric-affinity Skills, as well as a bonus to crafting.

Supporting KnightEdit

Nicholas1024 is a Supporting Knight, giving him bonuses when attacking an enemy targeted by allies on the same turn and increasing the effectiveness of his actions when supporting others.

Tactical FlameEdit

Mirkwood579 is the Tactical Flame, giving him bonuses to all tactical actions and Fire-affinity skills.

Tranquil ConductorEdit

As a Tranquil Conductor, SBSam gains a large bonus to Status-inducing Skills, as well as a small chance of Skills that require charging automatically doing so.

Transcient LancerEdit

The Title Transcient Lancer grants Zeldamaster2 a large bonus to any Skills performed with a spear.  He also gains a small amount of priority on all of his attacks.

Vicious BlurEdit

Gamer2332 bears the Title of Vicious Blur, granting him both a general damage-increasing bonus and a small amount of priority to all attacks.

Wandering SwordsmanEdit

As a Wandering Swordsman, Meta-Mind gains a large bonus to the learning and use of swordsmanship Skills.

Warming StarEdit

RainbowPopTart's Warming Star Title grants him bonuses to all Diplomatic actions and Light-affinity skills.