Attack on Lololo 4 Wallpaper

The brave group of warriors who are doing battle against the forces of Lololo Guard  in the Fourth Lololo War. Started when a brave forum member rallied the people and then was shot dead, the group has been slowly growing in both numbers and power. These fighters have pounded through wave after wave of enemies, lieutenants and bosses, and haven't suffered a defeat yet.

Fueled by a drive to free the forums from the oppression of the Guard (among other things), these revolutionaries push further and further into Castle Lololo, ready to face the dangers that lie within.

The resistance is mostly made of Players, though the group has recruited several Allies along the way.


The Resistance is composed of two main groups; the Offense, consisting of those who deal damage to their foes, and the Support, made of the players who defend, heal, or otherwise indirectly aid the group.