The Kirbinator


Personal Information

Driving Soul



Primary Weapon


First Appearance

  [[Wave 1|Wave 1]]

Battle Theme

The Arena

The Kirbinator is a player character in Attack on Lololo 4. He is a Level 5 Driving Soul, a Title he earned after The Resistance defeated Wave 5.


Kirbinator's backstory is largely unknown, though he is suspected to have some connection to Quadriby, host of the Roll to Dodge games.

Actions Within GameEdit

Kirbinator is a player with many specialties, thanks to his proficiency in a wide range of skills. His Scavenger skill allows him to locate rare or valuable items, and his Healing Spell allows him to play a support role and tend to his allies. His Rally skill and Frilly Beacon make him one of the most effective Morale-raisers, and his magical capabilities like Magic Meteor keep him offensively viable.

Notable Points of GameEdit




  • The Kirbinator is not, in fact, a real Kirby, a fact which saddened him when he first had his great moment of self-realization.

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