Personal Information

Flint Fenghuang


Extrospective Bodyguard



Primary Weapon

  [[Magma Gauntlets|Magma Gauntlets]]

First Appearance

  [[Wave 1|Wave 1]]

Battle Theme

Into the Cosmos

Super-Flint is a player character in Attack on Lololo 4. He is a Level 5 Extrospective Bodyguard, a Title he earned after the Resistance defeated Wave 4.


Super-Flint's led a somewhat colourful and ridiculous life, having at one time been a "superhero" in London, though he was a rather unsuccessful one, seeing as his friends with money and powers did most of the work. He eventually downgraded to being a Detective, though he landed little to no work. For a time he joined forces alongside a recently escaped Erygirl as they alone led the rebellion against KROSS [Kingdom's Regiment of Superior Soldiers] in Limani.

Sometime after this adventure he went travelling and randomly joined the Never-Ending-Story in a chance encounter.

During the Third Lololo War Super-Flint was a member of the Lololo Guard (a job he took merely to pay the rent). It is unknown what circumstances led him to be a part of the Resistance, (though it likely involved running away.)

Actions Within GameEdit

As the Extrospective Bodyguard, Super-Flint's roles mainly involve defense, e.g. buffing allies with the Barrier Spell, though he most often chooses to simply be the shield himself, putting the lives of everyone else before his own. This is where his Iron Skin skill comes in handy, as it toughens him up even more and allows him to take even more damage in defense of his allies.

Flint also shares the Acrobatic Duo skill with Erygirl, allowing them to perform all kinds of combo attacks.

Notable Points of GameEdit

  • Super-Flint was the first player (along with Meta-Mind) to gain a Title.




  • Super-Flint is one of the few members who remember General JasonGuy299 fondly.
  • He has a crush on Erygirl, but he suppresses these feelings. This may stem from the fact that he has lost two other female partners in his lifetime, in both cases due to his carelessness in combat.
  • His favourite food is a Trifle. If he consumes one, he obtains a boost similar to when Heavy eats a Sandvich.
  • Super-Flint currently possesses the highest HP of any player character, with a raw amount equal to that of Aeront.