Rusty Sword

"...All players start with 1200 HP and a Rusty Sword, which isn't a good weapon, to be honest. But hey, you'll make do." - JasonGuy299

The first weapon recieved by every member of the Resistance. While a rather weak weapon, all journeys must start somewhere. While some continued on the path of swordsmanship to become masters of the weapon, others cast away their meager weapon in hopes of benefiting the team.

Several users, such as Meta-Mind and Nicholas1024 have been using the same Rusty Sword since the beginning of the War, often upgrading or reforging it in the process.


The sword itself is rather weak, but just like any other sword, allows its user to learn various blade related techniques, such as Sliding Slash or Rapid Slashes.

Alchemization and CraftingEdit

Rusty Sword Amplification Rust Bringer
Craft with Wood Plank

Rusty Sword On A Stick

Alchemize with Dagger Razor Sword
Alchemize with Metal Plate Wrought Iron Sword
Rust Bringer Amplification Blade of Ruin
Refinement Ronin's Blade

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