Personal Information

Luminescent Storm



First Appearance

  [[Wave 1|Wave 1]]

Battle Theme

Red Zone

RavThunderbird is a player character in Attack on Lololo 4. He is a Level 5 Luminescent Storm, a title he earned after The Resistance defeated Wave 5.


We may never know the origin of the Luminescent Storm, as his past is shrouded with a cloak of mystery.

Actions Within GameEdit

Rav likes to practice the art of Electromancy. In essence, Rav gets up front and shocks things to death. He also has mana enhancing abilities, though he mainly focusing on shocking people. Rav's Electromancy abilities also allow him to protect or encase items in electricity, so he can defend a bit too.

Notable Points of GameEdit

RavThunderbird is always there, always shocking things.




  • Rav and Aquinas were the first players to craft an item through teamwork, when they produced the Beam Gun.
  • Rav hates fitness trainers, contortionists, and bats after a certain traumatizing battle some time before the Fourth War.

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