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Personal Information

Warming Star



Primary Weapon

  [[Light Blade|Light Blade]]

First Appearance

  Wave 4

Battle Theme


RainbowPopTart is a Level 4 player in Attack of Lololo 4.  He joined the Resistance at the beginning of Wave 4. He has the Title of Warming Star , which he earned on wave 6.


Before joining the resistance, Rainbow studied magic in his home town. He became fascinated with light magic and studied all sorts of lore that pertained to it, most notably the Guild of the Double Rainbow.  He hopes to one day join this elusive guild, and has joined the Resistance in preparation.

Game Statistics Edit

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Experience Points 579/1150
Allies Recruited


Critcals 2
Blunders 0

Actions Within GameEdit

Right now Rainbow is able to blind enemies with Prismatic Light, allowing other members of the Resistance to take advantage of the weaknesses of enemies (assuming they have eyes). Rainbow is also capable of recruiting new allies using Charismatic Speech (notably Rotom). Rainbow aspires to be the ultimate support unit, but he's got some way to go.

Notable Points of GameEdit




  • Rainbow doesn't know much about the nintendo themed enemies that the resistance encounters
  • Rainbow's favorite type of magic, other than light, is electricity
  • Rainbow's favorite colors are green and yellow
  • Technically speaking, Rainbow is a Light Mage.