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Supporting Knight



Primary Weapon

  [[Tsunami Breaker|Tsunami Breaker]]

First Appearance

  [[Wave 1|Wave 1]]

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Nicholas1024 is a player character in Attack on Lololo 4. He is a Level 5 Supporting Knight, a Title he earned after The Resistance defeated Wave 5.


As a child, Nicholas was very interested in tales of the Lololo Guard, and considered the group heroes of the highest order. Once he grew to the appropriate age, he began training in swordsmanship, hoping to join the guard himself once he became skilled enough. However, fate had other plans.

For a while after the third war, when the Lololo Guard first started becoming tyrants, he defended their actions, hoping that there was a reason behind it all. Eventually, however, their abuse became too much to bear, and so he joined the resistance, looking for justice and, above all, answers to just how his childhood heroes had fallen so low.

Actions Within GameEdit

Nicholas is a front line fighter, using his sword skills to deal out heavy damage to whatever he can. However, he also plays a supporting role, either assisting in an allied attack or defending a colleague.

Notable Points of GameEdit

Nicholas's greatest moment so far was in Turn 3 of Wave 6, where he combined most of his skills and three turns of charge to unleash a massive storm dealing nearly 1000 damage per enemy and setting the player record for damage dealt in a single turn.




  • Nicholas has used the same weapon for the entire game, a single Rusty Sword that he's continually upgraded.
  • His sword's upgrade path has been Rusty Sword -> Rust Bringer -> Blade of Ruin -> Atlantic Sword -> Oceanic Entrencher -> Tsunami Breaker
  • Nicholas is dying to know what happens if you use an amplification/refinement seal on another seal. Seal-ception?
  • His future plans include learning a combination attack, likely with Meta-Mind and SBSam.
  • Despite rumors to the contrary, Nicholas is not, and never was, a Pikachu.
  • Nicholas did have a Wooden Shield at one point, but it was burned to ashes by Bowser in wave 3.