First Appearance

Wave 1

Max HP


Starting Skills

Peck, Pursuit, Haze, Night Shade

Insomnia OR Super Luck OR Prankster

Starting Items


Murkrow are dark/flying type Pokémon. The only Murkrow that has appeared so far first appeared as an enemy in Wave 1, and was the first enemy in the game to be recruited.

As an EnemyEdit

Murkrow was one of the first enemies that the Resistance encountered. During the three turns it spent fighting the resistance, it used Night Shade twice and missed both times, and attacked Aeront with Peck, dealing 154 damage.

As an AllyEdit

Aquinas convinced Murkrow to join the Resistance in Turn 4 of Wave 1. Since then, he has fought alongside the Resistance.

Notable AccomplishmentsEdit

  • The allied Murkrow Maxed Out the Morale during Wave 2.
  • Was one of the few units hitting Umbra for decent (more than 1) damage for a while, using Night Shade and its defense-bypassing feature.
  • Murkrow blinded Clent during Turn 4 of Wave 6
Max HP 800

Enemies Defeated

Criticals 1
Blunders 1
Special Notes Almost always in air. Weak to electricity-based, earth-based, and ice-based damage. Resists plant-based and shadow-based damage.