Morale is a measure of how high the Resistance's spirits are in battle. When attacks succeed and big enemies are defeated, morale soars, and when the enemy gets in good hits or Incapacitates an ally, it plummets. To quote, "United we stand, divided we fall."

Morale is incredibly vital; when Maxed Out, the party is more powerful then ever, and if it falls to 0, the Resistance recieves an instant Failure.

How to Raise MoraleEdit

Morale is boosted when the team works together and helps each other out, as well as when they deal successful hits and succeed in their actions. Morale gains a signifigent boost whenever a party member gets a Critical, as well as when an enemy is Incapacitated.

Morale can also be directly raised by performing actions to boost people's spirits, such as give everyone a Charismatic Speech or sing a merry tune.

The Standard and its various upgrades can boost and help mantain morale, at least as long as the user holding it doesn't fall.

How Morale FallsEdit

Just as Morale rises when the party does well, so too does it fall when it isn't. Whenever a user fails an action, accidently causes a negative effect, or takes a hit, Morale drops. Blunders and enemy Critcals, as well as a party member being Incapacitated, significantly drop Morale.

Morale normally falls in battle by some amount, but it's important to make sure it never falls significantly, or else the party will begin performing worse and it may even eventually fall to 0.

Morale's Effect on GameplayEdit

Morale effects how likely actions are to succeed; the higher, the better. This can be both a good thing and a bad thing; if Morale is on the rise, it's likely that it will continue to do so. Inversely, if Morale is dropping more and more, it is more likely to drop further than ever.

If Morale ever gets drastically low, it is reccommended to try and use Charged Magic Circuits and Overflowing Magic Circuits; they'll increase the likelyhood of your post succeeding, and Overflowing Circuits will grant you an instant Critical, which should help turn the tide of battle.