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Wandering Swordsman



Primary Weapon

  Twilit Rays

First Appearance

  Wave 1

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Meta-Mind is a player character in Attack on Lololo 4.  He is a Level 18 Wandering Swordsman, a Title he earned when the Resistance defeated Wave 4.


Much of Meta-Mind's history prior to the Fourth Lololo War is presently unknown; however, he seems to have a special hatred for the Lololo Guard above and beyond that demonstrated by most players. Despite the appearance of a soldier using his title, he was not present in the forums during the Third Lololo War, which seems to be because he was not old enough at the time to participate.

Actions Within GameEdit

Meta-Mind is usually seen focusing entirely on offense, to the detriment of his own health and hit points - never was this more demonstrated than during his Honor Duel with Zero Lancer, which left him with a permanent injury to his Maximum HP.  As such, he tends to take a very front-line role, relying on backup from more support-oriented users to complement and augment his considerable offensive abilities.  In addition to these, he is also a skilled manipulator of opponents, and was known early on for picking holes in his enemies' thought processes - he was the first user of both the Charismatic Speech and Emotion Manipulation Skills.

Notable Points of GameEdit

  • In the resistance's first battle, Meta successfully talked down the game's first lieutenant, ending that battle in a victory for the resistance.  In a similar vein, he was the first character to Incapacitate an enemy in the entire game.
  • During the battle against Umbra, Meta notably pulled off a Critical and defeated Dark Meta-Mind, eliminating all of his opponent's HP in a single turn.  Only moments later, he used the opponent's Twilight Blade to successfully damage Umbra, dealing almost as much damage as all of the resistance's previous attacks combined.  Although these efforts proved to be futile, they were still the most effective attacks on Umbra for the entire round save those of General JasonGuy299.
  • Meta would later use the Ultimatum Skill combined with Lightspeed Sprint to wipe the floor with Igneus Ambito before the latter could react, ending Wave 5 in a victory for the resistance.


Atoning Swordsman Edit

An ability that is based around the sacrifice ofHPto gainMana, Atoning Swordsman is Meta's primary method for gathering mana. Since he has no skills such asMana Magnetto allow him to easily draw in mana from his surroundings, Meta instead burns his own life force, increasing both potential risk and potential reward dramatically. Atoning Swordsman is a risky skill to use, but since Meta prefers to dodge attacks rather than face them head-on, the sacrifice of HP means less to him than to many others.

Back SliceEdit

A Sword Skill in which the user rolls around the target before striking upward at its back. This method of attack can be used to avoid an enemy's defense, counterattack at close range, and increase the chance of Maiming the target.



  • The name "Meta-Mind" is actually an alias - what exactly Meta's true name is has yet to be revealed. The current Meta-Mind took the name from a little-known hero he read about in his childhood, who the Resistance would later fight as Dark Meta-Mind.
  • Zero Lancer has agreed to fight alongside Meta-Mind until such time as the two can have an honorable, uninterrupted duel.  The two will often perform attacks in combination, utilizing the unique properties of Zero Lancer's spears to open the way for Meta's Twilit Rays and other weapons.
  • Meta-Mind was the first user to post an action at the start of the game, and the first user to successfully Incapacitate an enemy.  He was also the first user (along with Super-Flint) to gain a title.
  • Meta-Mind seems to be one of the Resistance's youngest members, as he has spent the majority of his life under the Lololo Guard's rule. It is possible that Luigiguy78 is younger than him, however.
  • Since his Honor Duel with Zero Lancer, Meta-Mind has suffered a permanent Maximum HP reduction, making it more difficult for him to remain safely in the front lines. As there is no way to remove the reduction without destroying Zero Lancer's spear - which is a very useful tool for the Resistance - he has elected to keep the injury as-is for the time being.