Magma Gauntlets


Item Information




First Appearance

Wave 7

The Magma Gauntlets are a unique melee weapon/equip first appearing after Wave 7.



The Magma Gauntlets are described as red-orange gloves with silver armor plating.  A number of orange marks on the back illuminate the gloves with an eerie volcanic light from within.

Effect of UseEdit

The target of a physical strike with these gauntlets will receive the Burning status, and enemies weak to fire will take bonus damage. However, contact with allies may burn them too, which may cause problems in some cases.



  • This weapon was actually devised prior to Atttack on Lololo 3 by Super-Flint for his character of the same name.  The weapon was likely included as a nod to the Never-Ending Story in which they appeared together previously.
    Flint Punches the Arsonist

    An old image of the Magma Gauntlets in action (Flint's art has come a long way since then)

  • The Magma Gauntlets also granted superhuman strength in the Never-Ending Story; however, this appears not to be the case in Attack on Lololo 4.

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