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  [[Wave 1|Wave 1]]

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Vim and Vigor

Luigiguy78 is a player character in Attack on Lololo 4. He is a Level 4 Rising Competitor, a Title he earned during Wave 6.


Born John (surname unknown), Luigiguy's early history is almost entirely unknown. What is known is that he was friends since childhood with Kaitlyn, and moved to Lololo sometime in his mid to late teens. Eventually, to his great dismay, Kaitlyn decided to strive to join the Lololo Guard, which Luigiguy considered a betrayal.

Because Luigiguy was new to the area, he knew almost none of his fellow Resistance members from the get-go. As such, he didn't work much with any of his teammates until Wave 4.

After having a near-death experience during Wave 4, Luigiguy found the powerful sword known as the Wind Edge and realized that he would need help from his teammates to fight in the revolution.

Actions Within GameEdit

Luigiguy78 focuses on dealing physical and magical damage as quickly as possible. This often puts him in situations of great danger where he can take a lot of damage. He doesn't have much armor, and so must rely on dodging or the aid of his teammates to avoid damage.

Notable Points of GameEdit

  • Luiguy obtained an Overcritical against Umbra in Wave EX-1, becoming the first user to ever achieve that feat.
  • During Wave 4, Luigiguy dealt massive damage to Jonas El Estafador before being wounded.




  • Luigiguy was almost killed during Wave 4.
  • Despite - or perhaps because of - their oddly similar history and serious temperaments, Luigiguy got into several quarrels with Meta-Mind during the early days of the resistance.
  • Even though he has decided to work more with the team, Luigiguy is usually pretty lonely and only talks to Mirkwood and Aeront consistently. He tries to hide this behind a brave demeanor, though.
  • Luigiguy's favorite video game character is Luigi.
  • Luigiguy is the only character so far to pull off an Overcritical - it remains to be seen whether this feat will be repeated.