Light Slash

Light Slash

Skill Information




First Appearance

Wave 4

"Meta-Mind learned the Light Slash Skill, allowing him to embed light-based magic in his physical strikes with little to no mana!" -Turn 4 Summary, Wave 4

Light Slash is a Light-based Skill used to aid in physical combat. It allows its user to infuse Light energy into a bladed weapon, adding elemental light damage to any strikes with that weapon.


The Light Slash Skill allows its user to infuse any bladed weapon with light energy, adding damage to the attack on top of its regular physical damage. It combines very well with most sword Skills, though it is unknown if it is compatible with Dark-based Skills.

How to LearnEdit

As the Skill's only current user, Meta-Mind, learned it through level up, it is unknown how to learn the Skill. It is likely, however, that merely focusing on combining light-based abilities or magic with sword combat will enable the user to learn this Skill.

List of UsersEdit

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