Healing Hands Filler

A blue, sentient keyhole sends a wave of healing into the void.

"Light, Time, and Life... Come forth from within and heal the wounded... Healing Hands!"

Healing Hands is a Healing Spell first learned by the Resistance in Wave 2 . It was first used on the fourth turn of this wave. 


"A unique version of the Healing Spell where the user conducts with his or her hands, sending a wave of healing energy to allies." -Skill Encyclopedia 

Healing Hands is a spell only naturally learned by SBSam . It can be cast over a wide range of players, or concentrated towards a single target, and does not appear to have any additional effects on its own. Like most magic skills, its power increases when the user has Charged Magic Circuits .

How to LearnEdit

SBSam learned this skill during Wave 2 after gaining a Critical while using it for the first time. He later taught it to Impromptu, who would officially learn the skill in the duration of Wave 3

List of CharactersEdit

These are the players who know the skill Healing Hands.


There appear to be other skills with effects similar to Healing Hands. They include:

  • Healing Spell , of which Healing Hands is a variation of. It is a basic recovery spell which employs pure magic to heal ally injuries.