"The Cross Boomerang with the element of fire embedded in it. It leaves a trail of flames where it flies and deals light-based and fire-based damage." -Item Encyclopedia

An upgraded version of the Cross Boomerang, created when Mirkwood579 combined it with a Fire Essence after Wave 4. It is currently being used by him as a sort of signature weapon.

Mirkwood579 holding the Flaming Cross Boomerang


The Flaming Cross Boomerang's primary use is to be thrown at an opponent, dealing Fire and Light-based damage to one or more targets. It may presumably be used as a melee weapon as well, but will most likely not deal any fire-based damage to the target, as it does not light on fire in the hand of the user. 

Alchemization and CraftingEdit

Cross Boomerang Craft with Fire Essence Flaming Cross Boomerang


  • This weapon can use the Skill Rapid Slashes without using it as a melee weapon to create a series of short throws in quick succession, which may theoretically hit an enemy several times.