3, 2, 1, FIGHT!

is a skill that boosts the power of unarmed attacks.


Unarmed combat is usually going to be inferior in terms of damage output when compared to sword users, magic users etc. However this skill negates this problem and allows martial artists to deal heavy damage on enemies.

For this skill to apply, the attack must make physical contact with the foe and the user must not be brandishing a weapon of any sort. They are allowed to have weapons such as Gauntlets and Gloves equipped however, to either further boost damage output or grant special bonuses such as Burn status.

How to LearnEdit

This skill can be acquired simply by fighting without using weapons.  It is unknown if a level-up is required to learn this Skill, however.

List of charactersEdit

  • Super-Flint, upon reaching level 2 after wave 2
  • Galax, upon reaching level 2 after wave 5


  • When Flint learnt this skill, he was using kicks as well as punches, its unknown whether kicking and punching get a boost from this skill or whether it's just punches.