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Dark Meta-Mind


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  [[Wave EX-1|Wave EX-1]]

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Monochrome Memory

Dark Meta-Mind is a corrupted version of Meta-Mind.  At first it was thought that he was Meta-Mind's double, but he was actually the first Meta-Mind, captured and corrupted by Umbra. He appeared as a Rogue Threat in the latter half of Wave EX-1 and was eventually Incapacitated by Meta-Mind.


Much of the original Meta-Mind's history is unknown.  It is known, however, that he somehow obtained or created a weapon called the Twilight Blade, which he eventually upgraded to include advanced channeling circuitry and a core with an unknown function.  He was taken from his own time by Umbra, drained of his inner Light, and turned against the current Meta-Mind during Wave EX-1, but was eventually killed by Meta-Mind.  His weapon, the Twilight Blade, was then used to open up Umbra's weakened defenses.

Actions Within GameEdit

Wave EX-1Edit

  • Turn 4
    • Meta-Mind tried to buy himself time by asking Dark Meta-Mind of who he was. Dark Meta-Mind simply chuckled and said, "I'm the you that you could be. You could say that I've seen the light... by staring into the darkness. And now you will, too." Dark Meta-Mind's Twilight Blade shone during the last few words. Morale did not change.
    • Dark Meta-Mind attacked Meta-Mind with the Twilight Blade, instantly breaking Meta-Mind's Barrier and dealing 103 damage. Morale decreased by 3.
  • Turn 5
    • Meta-Mind slashed at Dark Meta-Mind with his Ronin's Blade and successfully landed a hit, dealing 382 damage. Dark Meta-Mind immediately lashed back with Retaliation, slashing Meta-Mind for 307 damage. Morale increased by 2.
    • Dark Meta-Mind used Displaced Slash, striking the air such that somehow, the fabric of reality is broken and the actual attack is right in front of the target. The attack hit Meta-Mind for 234 damage. Morale decreased by 4.
  • Turn 6
    • Meta-Mind attempted to use Charismatic Speech to belittle Dark Meta-Mind. Dark Meta-Mind only chuckled and replied, "I really was weak, wasn't I? Talk, talk, talk. Well, try talking while I'm crushing your windpipe," before lunging forward for an instant attack. In a brilliant move, though, Meta-Mind used Acrobatics to dash right past Dark Meta-Mind's strike and retaliated with multiple slashes, hitting 3 out of 4 times for 492 damage. Dark Meta-Mind, having already attempted to interrupt Meta-Mind's action, is unable to use Retaliation. Meta-Mind learned the Retaliation and Rapid Slashes Skills! Morale increased by 10.
    • Dark Meta-Mind used Illusionary Cutter, creating a shadowy copy of himself that dashed forward to attack Meta-Mind. Meta-Mind quickly used his Acrobatics Skill to roll out of the way. Morale increased by 3.
  • Turn 7
    • Meta-Mind used Acrobatics to land a flying kick on Dark Meta-Mind, dealing 82 damage and the Staggered Status. He then leaped forward to stab Dark Meta-Mind's chest, dealing 454 damage. Meta-Mind learned the Finishing Blow Skill! Morale increased by 8.
    • Dark Meta-Mind recovered from being Staggered and looked up with the anticipation of blood on his face. "I suppose I'll have to be serious now." He quickly charged mana and gained a CRITICAL!! causing him to receive Overflowing Magic Circuits. For some reason, Dark Meta-Mind also regained 200 HP. Might want to finish him quickly! Morale decreased by 10.
  • Turn 8
    • Meta-Mind went all out and showed his true colors! CRITICAL!! Dark Meta-Mind was hit by the entire onslaught and took 982 damage total! KO!! Dark Meta-Mind was Incapacitated! Meta-Mind learned the Ultimatum Skill, which occasionally grants Meta-Mind the ability to use an extremely powerful attack based on his specialties when Meta-Mind takes enough damage! The Fated Duel was resolved. Morale increased by 30.



Special NotesEdit


  • Dark Meta-Mind was Umbra's "anchor" during Wave EX-1: Umbra being able to safely remain within the castle was dependent on his survival.  Once he was defeated, Umbra became substantially easier to eliminate.
  • It's likely that Dark Meta-Mind was resisting Umbra's control throughout Wave EX-1, which would be the reason he was only at the level of a Level 4 player character.