Cross Boomerang

A picture of the Cross Boomerang, in official artwork for Castlevania

"A boomerang in the shape of a cross. Well-performed throws may hit an opponent multiple times or hit multiple opponents with light-based damage." - Item Encyclopedia

The powerful subweapon from the Castlevania series, this weapon was originally wielded by Richter Belmont in Wave EX-1, though he never actually got a chance to use it, due to the appearance of Umbra killing him and the other enemies. 

Mirkwood579 took this weapon on his first turn, and later combined it with a Fire Essence to create the Flaming Cross Boomerang.

Effect and UseEdit

The Cross Boomerang may be thrown at opponents, or used as a melee weapon, hitting the target with light-based damage, often hitting multiple times. If used as a melee weapon, can take advantage of some melee skills, such as Rapid Slashes.

Alchymization and CraftingEdit

Cross Boomerang Craft with Fire Essense Flaming Cross Boomerang


  • This weapon has only been used successfully once, as Richter Belmont was killed before he could use it, and Mirkwood579 had only used it twice, the other time it had been blocked by Jonas El Estafador's Perfect Block Skill.