Charismatic Speech

Meta Mind was one of the first users to learn Charismatic Speech.

"The user has an easier time using rhetoric to convince enemies to join the resistance." -Skill Encyclopedia

Charismatic Speech is a diplomatic skill first seen in Wave 2. It was first used in the 7th turn of this wave, when Meta-Mind delivered a powerful speech to recruit Tyler.


The Charismatic Speech skill employs the use of eloquent or convincing speech to recruit enemies. Almost all player characters can learn this skill regardless of physical or magical ability.

How to LearnEdit

The Charismatic Speech skill can be learned through frequent use of speech to recruit foes. If it is not learned simply by use, player characters who use it often will eventually learn the skill by level-up.


  • Meta-Mind first learned this skill in Wave 2, Turn 7, after repeatedly using speeches to recruit enemies. He first used it to aid in recruiting Kirbew in Wave 1. 
  • 9kirby99 first learned this skill when he grew to Level 2, after Wave 2.
  • SBSam also learned this skill when he grew to Level 2, after Wave 2 .
  • Taiwanman0610 first learned this skill on Turn 1 of Wave 5 , when he spoke to Rotom B.
  • Aquinas first learned this skill on Turn 2 of Wave 4, when he recruited the RED Sniper.
  • RainbowPopTart first learned this skill when he grew to Level 3,  after Turn 7 of Wave 5.


  • Emotion Manipulation uses speech to inflict statuses associated with emotions on enemy units, rather than to recruit.
  • Intimidating Rap employs the use of sweet rhymes to intimidate the enemy. 


  • Despite being this Skill's first user, Meta-Mind has not actually used it since Wave EX-1.