Literal charged magic circuits.

A relatively common Status, Charged Magic Circuits indicate that the user has stored mana, greatly increasing the power and likelihood of success for his or her next magic-based technique. 

Effect on GameplayEdit

While damage and healing increases are a common effect of using this status, many Skills get new abilities and bonuses when charged; some offensive attacks get status effects, while some support spells effect more people, and all across the board damage and healing strength increase. Certain high level skills such as Dies Irae and Archangel require Charged Magic Circuits to even execute at all.

It should be noted, however, that Charged Magic Circuits must be used immediately after obtaining them; if they are not, the effect will decay.

How to ObtainEdit

The easiest and most common way to achieve Charged Magic Circuits is to simply spend a turn drawing in Mana. Doing so will give you this status effect next turn. The first skill one usually uses to achieve this is Mana Magnet, which increases the success one has when charging. However, continual charging can also unlock the Mana Pools ability, allowing one to store more mana then normally. Mana Spring is a passive Skill which has a chance of instantly awarding the user Charged Magic Circuits.

There are, however, several other riskier ways of gaining this status effect, most involving an equivalent sacrifice. Sacrificing HP can immediately give one Charged Circuits, allowing one to charge and utilize the status on the same turn. It has been shown that destroying an item can cause the same effect.

The Mana Transfer Skill can also be used to transfer this Status to other units, enabling support units to more easily aid offensively-focused units in battle.

While the immediate use of Charged Magic Circuits have already been stated, frequent charging can allow one to learn some skills, such as the aforementioned Mana Magnet and Mana Pools Skills. The extent of Skills based around Charged Magic Circuits is unknown.