Refer all player characters to this page.

Suggested layout for all player character pages:

(Brief introductory line or two, detailing the character's name and title)


If your backstory is especially long, consider adding sub-headings.

Game Statistics Edit

Any statistics not included in the character infobox can go here.

Experience Points The user's current experience points go here.
Critcals The number of Criticals this user has rolled.
Blunders The number of Blunders which have been rolled by this user.
Other Anything else you want to keep track of can be put in this box - remember to change the row's title accordingly.

Actions Within GameEdit

In this section, state the role you play for the Resistence. Do you deal heavy sword damage, or do you focus on recruiting teammates? Do you blast foes with magic, or do you stay in the back and buff your allies? Remember to add links to specific skills or gameplay mechanics (ex. Barrier Spell , Morale , HP , etc.) (this can be done by highlighting the word you wish to link and hitting Ctrl+L).

Notable Points of GameEdit

Here you can feature any specific points of the game where you really shined. Whether you dealt massive damage to an enemy, severely weakened your foes, or pulled off some cool combo move, highlight those moments here.


  • Here you will put a bulleted list of all your current skills, and you can update this as the game progresses.
  • Remember to put links on all your skills!


  • Same exact deal, update as time goes on and put links for all items. Remember to feature miscellenious items as well as your equipment.


  • Whatever trivia doesn't go elsewhere goes right in this handy section.

You can also use this infobox, which should be placed at the top of the page.

Personal Information