Sword of Ruin

A sword infused with the pure desire to decay and destroy.

Created by Amplifying the lust for decay in the Rust Bringer, the Blade of Ruin is an evil blade bent on turning all it strikes into dust.



The large layer of rust has come to evenly coat the blade, making it sharper and more deadly. The sword's handle is the source of its decay, thus why wielding it strains the user; no doubt the only reason the sword doesn't consume itself is because of the layer of rust protecting the blade.

Written on the blade is a short poem:

     "From wood to ashes,

      from stone to dust,  

      from cloth to rags,  

      from metal to rust.  

      Though nations rise and kingdoms fall,

      In the end time conquers all."

Effect of UseEdit

The Blade of Ruin behaves like a higher-powered Rust Bringer, Rusting any metal items it comes into contact with.  In addition, the blade will Poison any unit it strikes, and constantly drains the user's HP.


This sword was used by Nicholas1024, until he transformed it into the Atlantic Sword and by st0pnsw0p, until he gave it to Snickerway, who tied it to the Rusty Sword on a Stick to make the Highly Impractical Weapon Rusty Sword on a Stick-Blade of Ruin

Alchemization And CraftingEdit

Rust Bringer Amplification Blade of Ruin
Blade of Ruin Combination - Holy Water Atlantic Sword
Atlantic Sword Amplification Oceanic Entrencher