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N/A (Resistance)

First Appearance

Wave 1 (Kirbew)

"The unit has ditched all sanity and is purely focused on attacking. The affected will dish out much more damage, but the affected's defense is lowered, the affected cannot control himself or herself, and the affected will only use physical Skills." -Status Encyclopedia

Beserk Status is a fairly uncommon status and has both positive and negative attributes. It lasts until the user's rage fades, which is considered indefinite. 

Effect on gameplayEdit

There are numerous effects beserk status has on a unit.

  • Strength Increase
  • Physical-based moves only
  • Offensive tactics only
  • Defense decrease
  • Rationality decreased (and means that you may not do what you said you'd do.)

How to obtainEdit

Beserk can be self-activated through building rage, or it can be incited by an enemy using some kind of magic or emotional manipulation.

Related SkillsEdit

The following skills are linked to the Berserk status.

  • Beserker is a skill which enables the user to inflict the Beserk Status on him or herself.
  • Boiling Blood is a skill that heals HP with each hit the user lands, but its healing effect increases when the user is under the Beserk Status. It also gains properties that heal other negative statuses.