Aquinas, seen wielding his Beam Gun

"A futuristic hand gun that fires lasers. It requires a small portable power source to use and has a tendency to overheat to the point of being unusable for a while, but its electricity-based shots are accurate and damaging." - Item Encyclopedia

The Beam Gun is a high-tech firearm powered by an Electric Battery. To date it is has been utilized only by Aquinas, and has become something of a signature weapon of his.

Effect of UseEdit

The Beam Gun is a long range weapon capable of firing highly accurate Electric blasts. In the hands of a Marksman equipped with Sharpshooter, the weapon can be an effective means of dealing damage from a distance. The main drawback of the Beam Gun is its tendency to overheat after a few rounds, forcing the user to let it cool down every so often. The exact effects of overheating are currently unknown.

Alchemization and CraftingEdit

Beam Gun Refinement Beam Revolver

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