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Attack on Lololo 4: Crusaders' Skies is a play-by-post strategy game. Designed by JasonGuy299 and taking place in the Brawl in the Family Forums, Attack on Lololo has gained a large and loyal following due to it's intuitive format and incredible depth. The Attack on Lololo Wiki is designed to be the ultimate community-run repository of knowledge about every facet of this fascinating and thrilling game.

Welcome to the Wiki!

Hello, and welcome to the AtoL 4 Wiki! This wiki is in its infant stages, so it needs serious help in order to reach full capacity. Feel free to join in and help us fill out!

As of now our priorities are, in order:

  1. Recruitment of editors
  2. Organization of pages
  3. Content pages - Players
  4. Content pages - Skills and Items
  5. Content pages - Game Mechanics
  6. Content pages - Game Summaries
  7. Images
  8. Content pages - Enemies
  9. Content pages - Statuses

Feel free to join and help us out!

Latest activity

  • new page Sword Beam
    created by RenaSage
    New page: Sword Beam was a laser projectile attack executable with a sword. Or at least that's the most likely explanation.
  • new page Archangel
    created by RenaSage
    New page: Archangel is a support spell learned by few players. I think it was a support spell anyway, since Impromptu knew it.
  • new page Magic Laser
    created by RenaSage
    New page: Magic Laser is a Skill. It is most likely single-target, though it may have been target piercing.
  • new page Magic Meteor
    created by RenaSage
    New page: Magic Meteor is presumably an upgrade to a Magic Missile-type spell - a controlled form of Mana which is sent hurtling at a target. By the name, it...
  • new page Failure
    created by RenaSage
    New page: If all players are defeated, a Wave is Failed. There are presumably Wave-specific Failure conditions, as well, such as the defeat of an ally you...
  • new page Continuation Gem
    created by RenaSage
    New page: The Continuation Gem is one of 3 ways to revive an Incapacitated player. Presumably, it revives a defeated unit with a percent of their Max HP.


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  • new page Castle Lololo
    created by RenaSage
    New page: Castle Lololo is a castle in the land of Lololo and home of the Lololo Guard, as well as the Resistance's many foes.
  • new page Healing Salve
    created by RenaSage
    New page: The Healing Salve was an Item that restored some health and possibly cured status effects.
  • new page Rogue Threat
    created by RenaSage
    New page: A Rogue Threat was an enemy designation that meant the target was not affiliated with the Wave's main bad guys.
  • new page Ire Hydrant
    created by RenaSage
    New page: Ire Hydrant was a recurring boss. That is to say, it's a coward who ran away instead of dying nobly like a REAL boss would.

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