Cool dude

Personal Information

Eliot Fairbanks


Shrewd Electrician



Primary Weapon

  [[Beam Revolver|Beam Revolver]]

First Appearance

  [[Wave 1|Wave 1]]

Battle Theme

Back in Time

Time travelling cool dude

Eliot Fairbanks at the site of his first trip through time.

Aquinas is a player character in Attack on Lololo 4. He is a Level 5 Shrewd Electrician, a Title he earned after the Resistance defeated Wave 5.


Eliot Fairbanks (alias Aquinas) is a time-travelling adventurer and messenger for a cryptic organization known as the Brotherhood of Interested Parties. He claims to hail from another dimension, and that the only reason he's stuck in Lololo is because his PMFC time machine (Portable Mobilized Flux Capacitor) has been mysteriously jammed.

Actions Within GameEdit

Aquinas's role has varied over the course of the game. His most consistent role has been as a ranged fighter, using his Beam Gun to deal quick, precise damage from a distance. His Electromancy skill allows him to successfully deal damage from any range, though he still tends to stay away from the front lines. Recently Aquinas's role has expanded, allowing him to support the team through technological upgrades and electronic interfacing.

Notable Points of GameEdit

  • Aquinas was the first fighter to successfully recruit an enemy unit, when he managed to convert Murkrow during Wave 1.
  • During Wave 5, Aquinas tinkered with the fusebox and caused a massive electrical backfire which dealt severe damage to all enemies in the room. This had the added benefit of fulfilling the Ace Condition for that turn.
  • During Wave EX-2, Aquinas defected from The Resistance entirely, for the purpose of preserving the timeline. He was then given Overflowing Magic Circuits by Azure, and currently faces off with Nicholas1024 and Aeront in the past, intent on preventing any change to the past. The outcome of this action is still unknown.





  • Aquinas enjoys joking around and generally trying to lighten the mood, and his speech is known for being littered with puns.
  • He and Meta-Mind seem to have struck up an odd sort of friendship, despite their very different temperaments.