"A unique magic seal that can be placed on any other Item. When placed, the affected Item's effect becomes amplified, causing it to become stronger via enhancement and amendment. The seal then disappears, leaving behind the altered item. The Amplification Seal cannot fail." -Item Encyclopedia

The Amplification Seal is one of three known alchemistic seals in Attack on Lololo 4, used to strengthen the effects of an item. It is most commonly used on weaponry. 

Details and EffectsEdit

The Amplification Seal employs the use of Alchemy to enhance an item, usually giving it new, additional properties. The Enhancement Alchemy skill emulates the effects of this item, although without the guaranteed chance of success. 

Seals so far are not considered rare, but appear in limited numbers after a Wave ends. 

What happens when an Amplification Seal is applied to another seal of the same type or a different seal is unknown. 

Alchemization and CraftingEdit

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