Personal Information

Guardian Paladin



Primary Weapon

  Old Glory Red Repulser

First Appearance

  Wave 1

Aeront is a player character in Attack on Lololo 4. He is a Level 5 Guardian Paladin, a Title he earned after the Resistance defeated Wave 5.


Aeront first appeared in the Third Lololo War , and resurfaced to be one of the first to join the Fourth Lololo War. His backstory is currently unknown.

Actions Within GameEdit

Aeront the Paladin

Aeront usually protects and supports his teammates instead of entering open conflict.

Initially a damage dealer who would occasionally heal, Aeront has since become a defensive juggernaut equipped with healing abilities. His incredibly high defense (caused by his high-level shield and armor) and Regeneration Spell make him a very difficult player to defeat, and he can then utilize Mass Provoke in order to shield blows for his allies. Aeront also has access to a variety of unique restorative spells. Besides the basic Healing Spell, his Sanctuary Spell can shield the party from dangerous magic attacks while Healing Beacon can imbue an item with healing magic (which he often uses on his Old Glory Red Repulser so as to throw it).

Notable Points in GameEdit

The most notable point in the game for Aeront was in the battle with Umbra, where on Turn Five, he sacrificed his Broadsword, 300 hp, and allowed himself to become Fatigued three times over in order to heal the entire party, give everyone Barrier and Auto Regen statuses, and cast Sanctuary Spell, which saved the party from one of Umbra's attacks that turn, as well as increasing Morale by 19.

He also managed to take down a sneaky thief in one hit by bashing him with his shield, a move that was both awesome and incredibly funny.




  • Despite being named after air (Aero meaning wind in Latin), Aeront has not used nor done anything related to wind the entire campaign.
  • Despite being in the Third Lololo War, Aeront doesn't seem to recognize General JasonGuy299.
  • There is currently a glitch in the game where an item given the Healing Beacon effect does not ever lose the effect. Whether the effect still functions is unknown.
  • So far, besides having st0pnsw0p combine the Red Ribbon and a Wooden Shield, Aeront has exclusively used Alchemistic Seals to upgrade his equipment.
  • Aeront appears to have owned the Wind Edge at some point in the past, as he was seen wielding it in Attack on Lololo 3.