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First Appearance

Wave 1

The user can easily perform flips and turns, allowing him or her to avoid enemy attacks, slip through tight spaces, and attack less predictable spots on enemies.

- Skills Encyclopedia

Acrobatics is a physical Skill first seen in Wave 1.  It indicates that its user has a higher level of agility than average, and can easily execute complicated acrobatic maneuvers.


The Acrobatics Skill allows its user to more easily perform any feat related to agility.  As a direct result, it is a rather versitale Skill, working well with a variety of playstyles.  Any player character can learn this Skill, although it is most effective when combined with a close-combat playstyle.

How to LearnEdit

The Acrobatics Skill can be obtained through frequent use of agile attacks and dodges.  Its only current user, Meta-Mind, learned it in Wave 1 after repeatedly relying on his agility to avoid attacks and confuse his opponents.


These are the player characters who have the Acrobatics Skill.


There appear to be other Skills with effects or uses similar to Acrobatics.

  • Sliding Slash behaves much the same as Acrobatics when the latter is used offensively.
  • Acrobatic Duo is similar to Acrobatics, but will only work if multiple players with the Skill use it at the same time.
  • Darkstep behaves much the same as Acrobatics when the latter is used defensively.
  • Heir of Breath can easily emulate the Acrobatics Skill with its control of wind.